What I can offer you...

My work focuses on helping individuals, teams, schools and communities to strengthen human relationships, grow empathy and understanding, and to deepen impact. 

I’m a facilitator, a coach, a learning designer and a community builder.  All of these skills help to create a bridge between deepening an understanding of who you are and the contribution you want to make to the world.

My experience is diverse and varied...

I’ve spent most of my career so far working with changemakers young and old in all sorts of contexts.

I have been a busy senior manager with zero headspace and a seemingly dysfunctional team.

I’ve been a new team member, tackling a challenge and feeling overwhelmed and a bit scared but knowing somewhere I can do it.

I’ve been the person trying to side hustle a creative project in amongst everything else I am juggling.

And I’ve been the over energetic youth worker, surrounded by 40+ kids outside in the rain, keeping spirits high.

Working with me, you'll have a genuinely human experience rooted in empathy.

Connection and relationships are at the heart of how I work; community building is in my DNA.

You will always learn about yourself, and in turn improve the way you work with others, through the reflective practice that underpins how I work, and who I am.  

I’m proudly from Devon, where I grew up surrounded by a sense of community, the hills of Dartmoor and long walks by the sea.

I now live in South London, and organise a street party on my road each year.

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