I’ve spent most of my career so far working with changemakers young and old in all sorts of contexts.  Below are some of the clients I have worked with.

“The two wheeled revolution”; designing and delivering social and environmental justice programmes powered by bicycle with The Otesha Project


  • Spent six weeks cycling around Scotland as a nomadic, intentional community, designing and delivering workshops for young people on a range of topics from trade to energy to food
  • Planned and managed a tour in Wales for a group of volunteers; recruiting the right people,, establishing partnerships with eco centres along the route, being a go-to person at the end of the phone to share the highs and the lows (not just the hills)
  • Designed and ran a residential training week and debrief weekend in a rural setting, facilitating a range of creative workshops, delivering sessions designed to induct the group to Otesha’s distinctive culture and values and to prepare them for a transition back to reality post-tour
  • Led on evaluation of the impact of the tour, using my curious questions in 1:1 interviews and focus groups

Building more reflective teams; strategic consultation for The Greater London Authority

  • Planned and delivered impactful strategy days for senior leaders and their teams
  • Used coaching skills to deepen the team’s understanding of their individual and collective ways of working
  • Led the teams through approaches such as Tree of Life and Appreciative Enquiry in order to enhance reflective working
  • Led two departmental training days for the Health and Education & Youth teams. This included interviews with staff ahead of the training to gather input on need and desired outcomes, designing all content and materials and embedding practices to enhance team dynamics beyond the training sessions

“The away day with Kate made a real difference to how we are working as a team. It was a useful pause moment, and our senior management meetings have felt different since then. We know each other better and we have gained insight on one anothers’ personal motivations” 

Assistant Director Team London, Greater London Authority

Teaching purpose; Guiding teachers and students with Project Wayfinder

Project Wayfinder have a high school curriculum centered around purpose. It teaches students to set direction, not follow a destination. It supports the learning and unlearning of who you are. It is a powerful, beautiful voyage inspired by traditional Wayfinders of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. As part of their design and delivery team, I:

  • Train teachers across Europe in the curriculum and provide coaching support to deliver an impactful programme to students 
  • Lead the Wayfinder movement in the UK and Europe 
  • Teach the curriculum to students in South London, and to a peer group of adults pursuing a life of purpose
  • Take part in regular design sprints where we evaluate how the curriculum is working, do re-design as necessary and ensure changes are led by student and teacher voice

HeadStart Newham Preventative interventions and whole school strategy for young peoples’ mental health and wellbeing 2016-2018: Practitioner and Team Manager

  • Creating systems and processes for a brand new team and organization working at a school, community and boroughwide
    level in Newham, East London
  • Leading a team of youth workers; designing an assessment center to recruit them, carrying out line management and
    performance management duties, containing the team, providing on-going training and supervision
  • Developing curriculum for three interventions for young people. Using design thinking principles to prototype, working with young people to co-create content and user
    experience, and helping to establish methods for quality assurance
  • Working in schools with groups of young people and with members of senior leadership. Co-developing action plans
    for whole school wellbeing, working 1:1 and in a group setting with vulnerable young people, referring to CAMHS as needed and working in consultation with team psychologist

Inspiring young people to connect with their fire, Envision

  • Completed Envision’s award winning internship in Birmingham
  • Facilitated sessions with young people on a weekly basis, supporting them to design and deliver social action projects in their communities
  • Supported a cohort of over 40 adult volunteers who worked as Mentors for young people
  • Maintained positive working relationships with schools and contact teachers through email and face to face contact

Teaching life skills on the Taqaddam programme, British Council

  • Trained teachers to deliver life skills education to students across the Middle East and North Africa region
  • Ran large scale workshops to 50+ students providing dynamic and positive facilitation
  • Supported the development of the life skills curriculum and provided detailed feedback to support the evolution of the programme

Cultivating community, an annual street party in South London

Born and bred in Devon, I found the isolation and disconnectedness of where I lived in London weird. Inspired by Farleigh Road in Hackney, who have organised a street party for the past ten years, I have led the organisation of an annual street party on my road in South London for four years in a row. We’ve seen neighbours forge new connections, children playing on the street for the first time, and I *think* sparked a romance that I like to think is still going. Bringing people together and creating experiences that foster connection brings me joy!

Eat and LearnA knowledge-hungry supper club

Eat and Learn is about bringing people together in a safe space to learn about a range of topics while eating delicious, shared, home cooked food. In the past we have connected over the politics of afro hair, the EU referendum (before it was known as Brexit!) and what a new economy might look like. Having never been much of a debater, I wanted to create a space where I could ask questions without feeling stupid, and be inspired to continue my own learning journeys elsewhere. 

Exploring dance and self compassionA six month, self-directed learning journey

As part of my learning journey with Enrol Yourself, I explored my relationship to dance and perfectionism, and looked at physical movement as a way into having a more compassionate relationship with myself. I am now on the hunt for fellow dancers who might want to collaborate on a dance project.

Young MindsTraining and consultancy for schools and organisations2018-present: Facilitator, trainer and consultant

  • Trained in the Academic Resilience Approach accredited by University of Brighton for practitioners working with mental health and wellbeing.

  • Working with 15 schools in Nottingham supporting them to develop whole school wellbeing and mental health strategies.

  • Bespoke consultation at a school level, training on specific topics, and support for developing action plans.

  • Running communities of practice to share best practice and embed reflective learning among a cohort of teachers.

  • Running training for a range of organizations and schools on topics such as building resilience, adolescent mental health and trauma-informed working.

Beyoncé Fitness Classes

High energy HIIT work-outs designed to be minimum intimidating, maximum Beyoncé vibes. Mostly done outdoors, with a lot of laughter.

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