Like many of us, I am currently navigating the emotional rollercoaster of this global pandemic. Routine, structure, and human connection have been helping me in the last ten days, and in that light I am offering three things to anyone who feels called to get involved. If you feel overwhelmed right now but want a reminder of what’s happening, sign up to my mailing list here.

Morning Get Togethers!

Come and hang out on Zoom. A space to connect, check in with how you and others are doing, verbalise your priorities for the day or week, and bluntly to have a reason to get out of bed when motivation can feel really arbitrary! 

Every Monday at 10am (for anyone and everyone)

Every Friday at 10am (specifically for freelancers or self employed folk)

No need to book, just turn up here:


Pay What You Can Coaching
During this time, where there is a lot of change and uncertainty, coaching is a space to pause and find some clarity and connect with a sense of purpose. You might want to get clear on priorities, to orientate yourself in this ‘new normal’ or to work through a specific challenge. You also might feel drawn to a coaching session, and not know what you need, and that’s fine too. 

From now until the end of April, I’m offering one off coaching sessions on a “pay what you can basis”. As a freelancer, I have lost 80% of my work, and although I typically coach in person, online coaching is one way for me to maintain an income during this time. And, I recognise that this is a time where lots of people have less financial security, and I want to honour that by giving some options over how much to pay for coaching, depending on your specific scenario. 

£100-150: If you’re a manager or leader in an medium sized organisation, and you’re investing in coaching for yourself or for team from the organisation’s budget 

£75-100: If you are a small organisation with budget, or and individual with consistent income that isn’t affected by Covid-19, and you’re not having to cover expenses for caring responsibilities like childcare or supporting a vulnerable family member

£50-75: If you’ve got some income during this time, and feel in a position to be able to pay something towards a coaching session. 

£15-50: If you’ve got little to no income during this time

If you’re not sure which bracket you fall into, or you have a different price to propose, I am totally open – contact me on

Book a slot here:


Learning & Reading group: Fridays at 1-2:30pm

“Oh wow so much time to read and learn during lockdown” I thought. But I need accountability. Anyone else with me? This idea is inspired by the Centre for Education & Youth, who do this each week. Format is as follows:

  1. Everyone comes together on a call, says a quick hello. No expectation to come every week, you drop in as and when you feel like it. 
  2. Timer is set for 40 mins, each of us go away and read something (e.g. article, blog, book section – anything at all) 
  3. After 40 mins, we come back together and people share insights, summary or a key take away from what they’ve read IF they want to. Or just listen to others! 

No need to book. Just turn up here: